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HONK! begins in Union Sq this THURS
ENSMB Honk 2009 parade
chillguru wrote in somervillemass
With the help of the lovely people at Union Square Main Streets, we bring you a PRE-HONK! Thurs night party!!
To get Somerville warmed up for HONK! 2012, five HONK bands will invade Union Sq for a HONK pre party and you're all invited.

Don't miss the rumpus as we extend this year's HONK! a day earlier and into the plaza at Union Sq. Come out to party with us!

7:00pm : Chaotic Noise Marching Corps (Seattle, WA)
7:45pm : Dirty Water Brass Band (Boston, MA)
8:30pm : Church Marching Band (Santa Rosa, CA)
9:15pm : Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band (Somerville, MA)
10:00pm : Environmental Encroachment (Chicago, IL)
10:45 - 11:00pm : all band jam

If you're out of town for the weekend and can't catch HONK!, this is your chance to get a taste. If you're going to be at all of HONK!, this is your chance to get a little extra party in before all of the bands take over Davis Sq.

Learn more at http://www.honkfest.org/
Facebook event page

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