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Originally, according to some inside info I heard, these locations were supposed to be TJ Maxx stores.

Some poking around and looking at LinkedIn profiles (I Googled "tjx c.w. price" for those curious), namely these:


says that C.W. Price is a (new?) division of a New York discount chain called "Conway's".

Any New Yorkers familiar with them?

Many of the former AJ Wright stores reopened as either Marshall's or TJ Maxx, but not ours.

Wonder why they are introducing a new brand name here instead of using their already-established one?



Looks like they're reopening seven of eight locations: wonder who didn't make the cut?

CW Price

This company is not part of the THX Companies

What are the THX companies?

I think they meant TJX.

I like

What do you mean?

I don't understand your question.

I'm not in Mass, but thank you for this post. I see they are opening one here in CT. I hope they are like AJ! I've been to the conway here & I can live without it!

I've never seen a Conway store. What did you dislike about the one in your area?

I've been to a CONWAY store arounf Herald Sq in Manhattan. It was like Rainbow, Tello's and JAX merged to make a store...a lot of stuff was wicked cheap and I wound up buying 3 pairs of jean for $3 each.

CW Price

CW Price will give Marshalls in Somerville Ma a run Dor there money

I don't understand what that means.

I think the person meant that CW Price will do better than the Marshalls over at Twin City Plaza. I diasagree since they both a have different types of clothing and shoes.

Does anyone know if the store is supposed to open today? I saw a sign that said "Grand Opening August 18th)

An ad enclosed with today's Globe also says August 18.


The merchandise in the Buffalo,N.Y. locations is horrible nothing compare to AJ Wright stores. I don't expect these stores to remain open for long.

Marshalls is the king of off-price retailing and this new kid (CW price) on the block has to still prove their mettle. Besides CW price or Conway is in financial trouble as their vendors are not paid on time. Best of luck to them anyway.

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